The Rabbit Hole #051

The one with the insane bio-hack

Gearing up for the holidays. Lots of good stuff today, enjoy.

📰 Snippets

  • Crazy. Dude pioneers DIY gene therapy (video)

  • 8 Laws driving tech: 2-pizza, 80/20 etc (link)

  • Overcoming new-paradigm bias (link)

  • Web3 and learning/ed (link)

  • Int’l smuggling. To catch a turtle thief (link)

  • Will real estate be normal again? (link)

  • The economics of Broadway shows (link)

  • Punks. The 10,000 faces that launched a revolution (link)

  • $100B small business aid program (link)

  • Growth. Canva’s $40B SEO strategy (video)

  • 51 biggest document leaks & data breaches (link)

  • TIME’s best 2021 inventions (link)

  • Can Stytch kill the password? (link)

  • The framework handbook (link)

  • Rise of AI copywriting tools (twitter)

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✏ Thought of the Week

Mind blown.

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