The Rabbit Hole #050

The one with Art Flow

Issue #50 in the books.

📰 Snippets

  • The greatest toy man (link)

  • Streaming boom = translator shortage? (link)

  • Why the super-rich love South Dakota (link)

  • What are yield DAOs? (link)

  • Discord, imagine a place (link)

  • Zillow & i-buying (link)

  • 6 rules of hiring for growth (link)

  • Crypto people on how to invest $5k (video)

  • Chris Dixon & Packy on the future of crypto (link)

🌏 Explore

  • Spent the last few days trying to get real comfortable with my Trezor and crypto/NFT security. Looking at keyphrase security next… not sure if Cryptosteel is overkill or if I’d prefer something like this steel tablet.

  • Been playing around with Art Flow this week, it’s kind of hit and miss but fun to mess around with.

  • Braintrust is making the web3 version of upwork.

  • Your phone can say a lot with it’s accelerometer.

  • Paralyzed man can now turn thoughts into text with 94% accuracy.

  • I’ve been diving back into SEO the last few weeks. This week, I’m doing a course on AI content.

  • DNA fit is interesting, they look at your DNA and craft you a diet.

  • daolist is a site curating all the DAOs.

  • The cognitive bias codex is a wikipedia rabbit hole.

✏ Thought of the Week

Lots of people trying to explain what web 3 is right now:

🐇 Until next week,