The Rabbit Hole #049

The one with the fake resume


Fake resumes, crypto cities, and growth hacking Youtube.

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📰 Snippets

  • Crypto Cities (link)

  • Timeline of the human condition (link)

  • How to build a local media empire (link)

  • 35 affiliate sites (link)

  • Booming market for bots that steal 2FA codes (link)

  • How to attract high-earning talent to a country (twitter)

  • Michael Rubin’s big shot (link)

  • The $750mm barbershop app (link)

  • Check: solving the $150B payroll problem (link)

  • Ladders of wealth creation (link)

  • Why airline survival depends on FF programs (link)

  • How Beluga hacks Youtube (video)

  • Guide to building an audience (link)

  • My father, the hitman (link)

  • On solar geoengineering (link)

  • Minimally extractive Meta (link)

  • Growth. The podcasting playbook (link)

  • How credit cards make money (link)

🌏 Explore

  • This fake resume is getting 90% response from recruiters. 😂

  • Shout out to Glen Allsopp. I signed up for his SEO Blueprint course and I’ve gotten some good ideas from it.

  • Enjoyed “my 10 year side project story” on HackerNews.

  • If you haven’t seen Upland ads, you might be living under a rock. They just raised $18mm.

  • I got on the beta… domain management seems like a ripe space to make a better tool.

  • This map shows you known boating traffic around the world.

  • And this map shows you where cancer-causing pollutants are, all around the US.

  • Tools. Surfer SEO put out a free AI-powered article outline generator.

  • Scraping the web without getting blocked - resource.

  • A dude recently performed a CT scan on a pumpkin.

  • Helion is a nuclear fusion startup.

✏ Thought of the Week

North stars are powerful.

So is simplifying your brand promise.

🐇 Until next week,