The Rabbit Hole #048

Headstones and pumpkin patches

Happy Halloween 🎃


NFT funds are coming, cricket fighting in China, and ice vending is big business.

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📰 Snippets

  • Feature. Web3 = ‘Scenius’ (link)

Times of great communal genius are usually preceded by tragic events.


  • Internal vs external benchmarks (link)

  • Six figure newsletters (link)

  • Dao briefing (link)

  • The economics of pumpkin patches (link)

  • Growth Hacking Hacker News (link)

  • a16z on web3 (link)

  • Coinbase strategy teardown (link)

  • Hidden patterns of startup ideas (link)

  • The metaverse is bullshit (link)

  • Inside the world of cricket fighting in China (link)

  • Ice vending: a $4B industry (link)

  • Rocky Aoki’s Empire (link)

  • Hand carving headstones isn’t dead (link)

  • What makes a cultural superpower? (link)

  • Banking is getting better (link)

  • Meta by Stratechery (link)

🌏 Explore

  • Starting my 28-day Levels challenge tomorrow. Ultrahuman is building a competitor.

  • NFT funds are coming. Check out what Meta4 Capital is doing.

  • Whatsapp scaled to 1B users with only 50 engineers. That is inspiring.

  • Cadence Prints is a cool concept - they print maps from Strava. They are also completely under-optimized and for sale.

  • Indie hacker Jakob Greenfeld just put out VC Watcher, a newsletter about investments from leading VCs. Almost everything he puts out is fire so I’m sure it’s good. His newsletter on opportunities inspired by VCs is jam-packed with good stuff.

  • Meta. I enjoyed this podcast with the founder of The Clikk talking about building a curated newsletter.

  • Content Allies started a turnkey podcasting service for B2B. Smart.

  • I’ve used AlternativeTo forever for software recommendations, but it’s pretty sweet if you don’t use it.

  • Since I’ve been into NFTs, I have been wanting a way to trade them. It looks like NFT Trader is just that.

  • Howitzer is a fun Reddit growth hacking tool.

✏ Thought of the Week

This is a little older, but I enjoyed The Purpose of Technology by Balaji this week.

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