The Rabbit Hole #046

The one with the AI-driven traffic whale


Revisiting Tezos-chain art, gearing up for the glucose challenge, and AI driving some real traffic

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📰 Snippets

  • Punks, Squiggles, and the future of generative media (link)

  • I Rickrolled my highschool (link)

  • Rabbit Hole. Useful unknown websites (reddit)

  • Amazon copied products and rigged search results (link)

  • How deepfakes could change our world (60 minutes)

  • The art of the one-pager (link)

  • Network effects and critical mass (link)

  • 60 ideas to boost growth (link)

  • Healthcare. The model of everything (link)

  • Duolingo: antithesis to the bazaar (link)

  • Scaling dog ramps (twitter)

  • NFTs & Thin IP (link)

  • Old model could crack deep learning (link)

🌏 Explore

  • Health. I’ve been thinking about testing out Levels (blood glucose tracking) for a while. I am finally taking the plunge - I’m doing the November 1st cohort of the Wearable Challenge. Pretty excited to test it out.

  • Tezos. I bought my first Tezos chain NFT this week, The Jack by Lucrece. Glitch art is pretty sweet imo. If you are new to XTZ - you might want to browse HEN by using I’ve also recently started browsing Objkt - it’s also the best place I’ve found to display your wallet. I touched on this in #40.

✏ Thought of the Week

I’ve def. felt the “letdown effect” before - the bigger the accomplishment, the bigger the crash when it’s achieved.

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