The Rabbit Hole #045

The one after the outage

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Understanding the rise of OpenSea, NFT market activity, and a list of head scratchers from math and physics

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📰 Snippets

  • OpenSea: The Reasonable Revolutionary (link)

  • Understanding the Facebook outage (link)

  • Everything we know about metabolism is wrong (link)

  • Anyone seen Tether’s billions? (link)

  • The most counterintuitive facts of math and physics (link)

  • The theft that made the Mona Lisa a masterpiece (link)

  • Product Alignment & how Miro grew to 20mm users (link)

  • Great art explained: Basquiat’s Untitled Skull (video)

  • Meet Ramzi Musallam of Veritas (link)

  • Can brain implant cure depression? (link)

  • Awesome Motive’s marketing machine (link)

  • Who’s scamming the scammers? (link)

  • Bain’s 2021 technology report (link)

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Do you manage your time or manage your energy?

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