The Rabbit Hole #044

The one with Cozomo de' Medici


Why The Sopranos is surging, inside the Horowitz family, and who actually is Cozomo de’ Medici?

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📰 Snippets

  • Existential Optimism (link)

  • One idea that changed your life (hacker news)

  • Highs and Lows of Canva’s journey (link)

  • Why every young person is watching ‘The Sopranos’ (link)

  • How Miami seduced Silicon Valley (link)

  • Americans suck at reading books (link)

  • Extreme skills of the 10x creator (link)

  • OZY and the $40mm conference call gone wrong (NYT link)

  • Bolt on negotiations (twitter)

  • BBQ site generates $100K/mo (link)

  • How BAYC took over the NFT world (link)

  • Astro tracks everything you do (link)

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My philosophy on books.

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