The Rabbit Hole #043

The one with the rise and fall of


The rise and fall of, Saudi Arabia’s problems (not really oil), and Peter Thiel’s origin story

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📰 Snippets

  • Saudi Arabia’s oil problem (video)

  • The rise and fall of (link)

  • Thiel’s origin story (link)

  • The curator economy (link)

  • The top .1% of mental models (twitter)

  • Harvard, a media company (link)

  • Cashflowing carwashes (link)

  • FanDuel’s betting boom (link)

  • Magical Internet Money (link)

  • SF’s quest for perfect trashcans (link)

  • History. Mystery behind The Colossus of Rhodes (video)

🌏 Explore

  •  I covered Crypto Punks signing with Hollywood agents a few weeks ago. Now Jenkins the Valet, a single Bored Ape contributor, has gotten himself representation.

  • Microsoft uncovered ‘phising-as-a-service’ ring.

  • Microns is a new business-for-sale marketplace that just sprung up. Smart growth hack… they must have scraped IndieHackers and asked project owners to list. They hit me up about one of my projects.

  • Meridian is a new Art Blocks project coming out next week that looks sick. Auction starting somewhere around 10 ETH tho… might be a little pricey.

  • NFT collector Vincent Van Dough put out a 3d gallery of his collection. My god what a collection he has.

  • Podcast recs. Check out the Julius Caesar series on And Acquired put out Standard Oil, Part 1.

  • Been into art lately… is a cool app and site.

✏ Thought of the Week

Packy McCormick wrote a great article about banking-as-a-service startup, Unit. This CAC/LTV illustration he did with the payback period would be my first slide in a marketing 101 course - I’ve drawn this a thousand times.

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