The Rabbit Hole #041

The one with the Sneaky Vampires


The everything bubble, how Kanye is using Discord, and launches.

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📰 Snippets

  • The everything bubble (link)

  • The bull case for Ethereum (link)

  • The corporate NFT awakening (link)

  • Kanye & Discord (link)

  • Practical thread on winning ETH gas wars (twitter)

  • Web3 resources thread (link)

  • 29 affiliate sites and revs (link)

  • What actually is CRISPR? (link)

  • Collapse of the red wolves (link)

  • Community DAOs (link)

  • Silicon Valley’s bet on living forever (link)

  • The business of ebook licensing (link)

  • Bitcoin’s energy appetite (NYT)

  • Why parallel worlds probably exist (video)

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✏ Thought of the Week

  • NFTs are getting valuable / expensive. I’ve been tracking floors on the NFT Now email.

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