The Rabbit Hole #040

The one with the alt chain NFTs

Happy Labor Day! I was born on Labor Day. Apologies for the Monday drop instead of the normal Sunday drop.


Math’s fatal flaw is exposed, public APIs is impossible to look away from, and the mascot whisperer reins

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📰 Snippets

  • Web3 primer (link)

  • Math has a fatal flaw (video)

  • When fake growth leads to real violence (part II of Kayfabe) (video)

  • What’s in the water at Zillow? (link)

  • Experiments on a $50 air purifier (link)

  • Li Jin and online creators (NYT link)

  • How MarkMonitor left >60k domains for the taking (link)

  • The orbit of Planet Nine (link)

  • Framework to turn $500k into $1.4m through micro-acquisitions (link)

  • Homeless to sneaker emperor (link)

  • The mascot consultant (NYT link)

  • Entrepreneurship is dead (link)

  • The meme economy (link)

🌏 Explore

  • New Inc 5000 dropped… basically a holiday.

  • Public APIs is such a gem of a site. I would have just browsed this all week if I didn’t have a newsletter to write.

  • I signed up for the annual Starter Story membership. It’s dope for real, they have a ton of content.

  • Found this awesome tracker to watch the floors on Art Blocks projects. I still don’t have any Art Blocks pieces but I want one.

  • Been checking out some alternative chain NFT marketplaces this week. Solsea launched on Solana (but I wasn’t vibing with anything on it). But I have been digging HEN on the Tezos chain. This site is a good way to browse it.

  • This is some next level spy gear that was on Hacker News.

  • Niche. Accountability is hot right now. Dip.Chat facilitates accountability groups for developers. Commit Action is making accountability coaches available through texting.

  • Fvckrender is a French artist I like.

  • If NFTs weren’t mainstream enough yet, the dude behind Entourage is making a show about Crypto/NFT culture.

  • Newsletter Spy was an awesome product. It just got revamped.

✏ Thought of the Week

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