The Rabbit Hole #038

The one with the book thief

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Try out Dancoland for a Wait but Why replacement, be sure to take the divergent association test and see how you stack up, and laugh at a person imitating those hydraulic press vids.

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📰 Snippets

  • Thriller. Who is stealing these books? (link)

  • What’s the most life-changing blog post you’ve read? (hacker news)

  • Mitchell’s Hierarchy of Tax (link)

  • Improvements since the 90s (link)

  • Philosophy. Dancoland (link)

  • Viral writing workshop (video)

  • The geopolitics of oil (link)

  • Behind Red Ventures (link)

  • The immigrant entrepreneurs rethinking primary care (link)

  • The best niches for affiliate marketing (link)

  • How to conduct investment research (link)

  • Online thought leaders (link)

  • Systems are for winners (link)

  • The Best of Lenny’s Newsletter (link)

  • Dreams from endangered cultures (video)

🌏 Explore

  • Maker Lead is a leaderboard to analyze open startups. Kinda like the Inc 500 but realtime.

  • Meadmakers are trying to bring back bochet, a medieval mead that erupts like a volcano.

  • Facebook might be developing the most powerful VR app to date - Workrooms for Oculus.

  • Nifty Drops is a site tracking new upcoming NFT projects. This last week might have been the tipping point where I had multiple friends that weren’t into NFTs all start getting into them. Be careful what you buy, there are tons of projects dropping right now and 99% suck.

  • Is PQ (political quotient) a thing is business like IQ or EQ? I think they are probably onto something with that.

  • Falak Sher writes over at the Marketer Crew newsletter. He built an auto booking system for advertisers with no code - pretty smart.

  • Jakob Greenfeld put out this Airtable of top Graphic River projects and estimated earnings.

  • I like this ‘so expensive’ series that Business Insider does on YouTube. For example, cashew nuts are expensive mostly due to rigorous processing.

  • Weird. The internet is a weird place - check out these interpretive dances of things getting flattened by a hydraulic press.

  • did a good round-up on DeFi.

✏ Thought of the Week

  • I’m a fan of this freestyler named Harry Mack that asks people for words and freestyles with them. I am also always surprised how lame the words people pick are - usually they are super related to each other and not creative. Turns out, there is a test to measure verbal creativity like this called the “Divergent Association Task”. Take it and see what you get, it took me like one minute.

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The Rabbit Hole was brought to you this week by Under The Radar.