The Rabbit Hole #036

The one with the time crystals

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An empire of book list blogs, the mermaid taking over Google search in Norway, and the company that randomly sends you pizzas.

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📰 Snippets

  • The rise of FTX (link)

  • Rethinking books? (link)

  • Math. The simplest math problem nobody can solve (video)

  • Simple systems have less downtime (link)

  • Long Read. The Segway story (link)

  • Gambling and feedback loops (link)

  • How Michael Dell turned his company around (link)

  • Growth. How to hack Product Hunt launch (link)

  • A movie you knew nothing about going in & blew you away (twitter)

  • The mermaid taking over Google search in Norway (link)

  • How deepfake Tom Cruise turned into a real company (link)

  • Will creator tokens precede community tokens? (link)

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Which type of society are we living in: sovereign, discipline, or control?

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The Rabbit Hole was brought to you this week by Under The Radar.