The Rabbit Hole #035

The one with 100 one-person businesses

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A man recreates his lost fiancee with AI, the crypto bubble in hip-hop, and the simple water tracking app that rakes in money.

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📰 Snippets

  • 100 profitable one-person businesses (link)

  • Management. How to be an effective executive (link)

  • YouTube and hypergrowth (link)

  • Politics. Is Francis Suarez reshaping the GOP? (link)

  • Al Lord and Sallie Mae on tuition rising (link)

  • Essay. A framework for the Metaverse (link)

  • Love & Loss in the age of AI (link)

  • The digital advertising stagflation (link)

  • The best SaaS products with free plans (twitter)

  • The crypto bubble in hip-hop (link)

  • Day in the life of a flavor-inventor (link)

  • Philosophy. An intro to Rene Girard (link)

  • 1k+ signups from Reddit (video)

  • YouTube and tacit knowledge transfer (link)

🌏 Explore

  • Podcasts. The Acquired podcast is amazing. I just finished about 9 hours of their Berkshire Hathaway trilogy. Check out episode 1, episode 2, and episode 3.

  • This app makes $40k per month tracking water intake. What?! Here’s an article on more apps that are crushing.

  • The founder of Indiegogo, Slava Rubin, launched an alternative investments discovery platform called Vincent.

  • I haven’t tried it yet, but somebody sent me this tool that is supposed to be able to remove vocals from any music track.

  • Landis is buying houses and then doing rent-to-own agreements. Sounds expensive. But they have backers like Jay-Z and Will Smith.

  • Billion Dollar Pitch Decks is a library of pitch decks from unicorn companies.

  • Email this strips out all ads and emails you an article in text from a link.

✏ Thought of the Week

More colleges should think about the publishing game.

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