The Rabbit Hole #034

The one with the Floppy Fish making thousands per day

I get asked a lot where I get my information for each newsletter. There are a handful of sites, tools, and newsletters that I check daily without fail.

One of them is Under the Radar, and I’m excited to announce that they are coming on board as a sponsor of The Rabbit Hole.

Under the Radar pulls from Google Trends, Reddit, and Github and it tells you hundreds of topics that are becoming popular.

Check it out, it’s the best way that I know of to spend $19.


Learn from the Warren Buffet of trailer parks, the floppy fish making $2,500 per day on Tik Tok, and the Inc 500 of Europe will keep you busy

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📰 Snippets

  • Fraud on the Farm: How Farmville clone ran away with millions (link)

  • Learn from the Warren Buffet of trailer parks (link)

  • A list of different “why now’s” from big companies (link)

  • The man who filed 180 disability lawsuits (link)

  • New Yeezy soon. Plight of the Kanye superfan (link)

  • How Boosted went bust (link)

  • Business models. Hotdog stands in NYC (link)

  • How free video games make addicts (link)

  • The mindsets and practices of excellent CEOs (link)

  • What will you boycott until you die? (reddit)

  • How the product placement industry is changing with cTV (link)

  • Your business sucks because your product sucks (link)

  • Why everybody wants to be a freelancer (link)

  • He created a $350mm software company, not knowing software (link)

🌏 Explore

  • Good Follow. If you’re interested in Crypto at all, I recommend my friend Ralph’s newsletter Redpill Crypto research. He goes in depth on some topics and gives a great roundup of blockchain/crypto news.

  • The FT 1000 is like the Inc 500 list for fastest growing companies in Europe. Love reading it.

  • Flop Fishy is a good example of an Alibaba -> Tik Tok dropship product. I saw some of these ads and dug into it some more.

  • Burner Mail makes it really easy to create and forward email addresses when you sign up for new things.

  • Niche. Real Self is the Trip Advisor for plastic surgery.

  • Bird Net is like Shazam but for bird sounds.

  • Titan is an “investment team for everyone” with a great domain name,

  • Facebook is going all in on the metaverse. If you haven’t started hearing the word metaverse in every other sentence you read, you will soon.

  • Bored Ape holders had a party in LA last week and I wish I would have gone. It looked fun.

  • Websites from Hell is a seriously amusing site that lists the worst looking websites still on the internet. Some of these have crazy link juice and I want to buy them all.

  • Israel has the most unicorns per capita of any country. This tipped me off to some companies that I didn’t realize were Israeli.

  • I don’t know what to use it on yet, but Clearbit’s logo API is super cool.

  • Could Etherium be ultra-sound money?

✏ Thought of the Week

Did intelligence kill genius? Alex Guzey thinks so.

The first requirement to do genius-level work is to not be afraid to do things only geniuses can do, i.e. to have the internal feeling of being better than everyone else in the world.

The concept of intelligence kills this feeling. However smart you are, there is someone who is smarter than you. And if there’s someone smarter than you are, it doesn’t make sense to work on the hardest possible problems and to try to change the world - it’s the smartest person’s job.

You don’t need need to be the smartest person in the world.

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