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I’m obsessed with I’m gonna start posting more business ideas on there. Get on there if you aren’t yet, and follow me here.


New Amazon Andy Jassy pens a great memo, centralized vs decentralized social networks, and and Deal Feed aggregates websites for sale.

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📰 Snippets

  • The fake nobility biz (link)

  • Primer. About Bitcoin mining (link)

  • What do wealthy people buy that normal people don’t know about? (reddit)

  • Andy Jassy’s masterpiece memo (link)

  • What’s in your sales stack? (hacker news)

  • Kickstarting supply in a labor marketplace (link)

  • Future of crypto, according to 30 experts (link)

  • Paul Graham on failure (link)

  • NFTs are more fun than domains (twitter)

  • The Reddit launch (link)

  • If Sapiens was a blog post (link)

  • Patrick Collison on running your company (link)

  • AMA with the dude who started CrossNet (indie hackers)

  • The struggles of building on Mars (video)

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✏ Thought of the Week

Damien Hirst (richest living artist) is dropping a set of 10,000 pieces. Pieces are $2k and you can choose physical piece or NFT.

Worth signing up for the lottery IMO.

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