The Rabbit Hole #031

The one born on the 4th of July

Writing this while watching the pregame to the Nathan’s Famous hotdog eating championship. I hope to see Joey Chestnut win his 14th mustard belt.

Fun fact: Joey’s career hotdogs end-to-end have eclipsed the Statue of Liberty in height and are going for the Chrysler building.

Happy 4th!


An app recognizes a pile of LEGO bricks, Mark Andreessen discusses the future of America, and how to study growth through unit economics

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  • Agency is the most precious resource (link)

  • Unit Economics and Scale Invariance (link)

  • Softbank: $24B in the toilet (link)

  • History. What did ancient languages sound like? (link)

  • The TikTok content farms (link)

  • Why creator tokens will precede community tokens (link)

  • Max hits it big: 16 years old and 1.7mm (link)

  • The fall of billionaire Gucci Master (link)

  • Joe Rogan: Too big to cancel (link)

  • How to go pro as a creator (link)

  • The drug scandal that rocked horse racing (link)

  • What is EIP-1559 and how will it affect ETH? (link)

  • Trend. Construction on digital real estate (link)

  • Success in crowded creator markets (reddit)

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Happiness index 2021.

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