The Rabbit Hole #030

The one with the new human species


Peter Thiel mastered the Roth IRA, the Google serial killer mix-up, and the disc golfer making millions.

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📰 Snippets

  • The rise of a $10mm disc golf celeb (link)

  • How Google turned me into a serial killer (link)

  • New human species discovered in China (link)

  • In online ed, cohorts are king (link)

  • Global demographics are shifting (video)

  • Roth IRAs and Peter Thiel (link)

  • Secrets from the top Substack writer (slideshow)

  • State of the creator economy in 2021 (link)

  • Buying Facebook groups (link)

  • A project of one’s own (link)

  • Where are the beef profits going? (link)

  • The high-priced sleep consultant (link)

  • Baseball. He made ‘sticky stuff’ for 15 years (link)

  • What to watch in Crypto (link)

  • The sky thief (link)

  • The Hollywoodization of Peloton (link)

  • Rise of Jack Butcher (link)

  • Negotiation tactics around the world (infographic)

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✏ Thought of the Week

These women made a mobile wine truck that is doing pretty well. Somebody should just make a line of mobile full-service bars, would crush.

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