The Rabbit Hole #029

The one with the global chessboard

Sorry for the late edition, my internet was struggling today.


Betting against Scott Galloway outperforms the S&P, flying cars are almost here and it’s not even my headline, and how a billboard crushed social media.

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📰 Snippets

  • The global chessboard (link)

  • Mark Cuban on tokenomics (link)

  • The ‘traction tactics’ behind brands (link)

  • The two traits of problem-solving teams (link)

  • Pixar’s guide to storytelling (twitter)

  • Stripe: thinking like a civilization (link)

  • Sheriff Gmail busting the newsletter Wild West (link)

  • The crystal hunters of Chamonix (link)

  • 5mm Youtube subs in 4 years (link)

  • How Airbnb averts PR disasters (link)

  • The $110mm helmet (link)

  • The thriving business of IKEA hacking (link)

  • Quora tips from the top platform author (twitter)

  • Millions lending accounts to ‘auto-likers’ (link)

  • Startups in 30,000 data points (link)

  • What he learned from Zuck (twitter)

🌏 Explore

  • I love these two things: (1) The anti-Galloway index lets you invest counter to what Scott Galloway suggests (it has seen a 61.48% return, lol). (2) On the other side you have Elon Stonks which texts you when Elon says something about the market.

  • Growth Ranker pulls in revenue data from Indie Hackers and helps you explore new projects.

  • Read Something Great loads 5 random articles each time you refresh - actually found some decent ones pretty quick. Seen a trend of new wave StumbleUpons lately.

  • Scenario: As a reader, you pay $10 and can read articles. As an investor, you pay $20 and share in the profits. Why subscribe when you can invest? See $GENERALIST for someone trying this.

  • Study Together is a Discord community that grew to 150,000 students in a few months.

  • Flying taxis are coming in a few years.

  • $WHALE is a social currency holding a vault of valuable NFTs that you can buy into. Seems more like an ETF than a DAO, but pretty interesting.

  • Underground Cellar wants to be the Robinhood for wine.

  • Last week, Andreessen Horowitz launched media wing Aside from the dope AF domain name, is media gonna be a must have for VCs of the future?

  • Solana founder talking to Jim Cramer about the BTC and ETH speeds. He might have a point.

  • Full service gemstone storage. Now there’s an alt investment!

✏ Thought of the Week

Billboard game is 🔥… this is right in front of Apple HQ.

The real trick is the nearly 2mm likes and interactions he got from sharing it.

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