The Rabbit Hole #028

The one with the chicken sandwiches


Loans are paying themselves back these days, an SEO masterclass, and social tokens are on the rise.

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📰 Snippets

  • The accidental billionaires at Databricks (link)

  • Strap yourself on someone else’s rocket (link)

  • How to do long-term (link)

  • The cooperation economy (link)

  • Successful one-person businesses in 2021 (hacker news)

  • The Twitter power broker (link)

  • History. Thinking in maps (link)

  • The tyranny of time (link)

  • Synthetic data and AI (link)

  • The everyman of Tik Tok (link)

  • The psychology behind going viral (link)

  • A history of Netflix personalization (link)

  • The app that monetized ‘do nothing’ (link)

  • The spy school that’s churning out journalists (link)

  • How a poker semi-pro won the mortgage market (link)

  • Creators are leaving Subsatck for Ghost (link)

  • How people discover new products (link)

  • $0 to $146k in 180 days (link)

🌏 Explore

  • I don’t really follow the SEO industry day-to-day anymore but this 14,000+ word piece is truly an SEO masterclass. This is a related shorter piece that is more actionable.

  • Dune Analytics is a sick tool for analyzing NFT sales. Degen Data is another one I just caught wind of as well.

  • This is a data set of over 300,000 Shopify apps, Chrome plugins and more. If you’re looking to buy one or build, this would be a great resource.

  • I enjoyed this infographic of art movements and how they got their names.

  • I was really intrigued by this account of hacking EA. I had of course heard of social engineering, but I had never heard of stealing cookies to log into Slack.

  • Monarch might be worth checking out for money management. I have used Mint and Personal Capital and neither one has nailed it for me.

  • Spent a little time this week reading about social tokens. From what I gather, is one of the leading platforms doing some cool stuff.

  • This is heavy but worth a read… Ross Ulbricht from prison.

  • Telegram bots with millions of users are making headlines.

  • Self-paying loans are something I’ve been thinking about a lot this week. I listened to the Kevin Rose podcast on Alchemix and then read this post.

✏ Thought of the Week

I can’t get over how similar all these chicken sandwiches look.

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