The Rabbit Hole #027

The one that was a day late

Thanks for the emails and concerns about why there was no Rabbit Hole yesterday (Sunday 6/6/21). Your boy was in Vegas for a few days for some R & R.

This takes some time to put together each week and it’s just me writing it. Back to regularly scheduled programming.


LaMelo Ball joins the BAYC, the creator economy is booming, and a dumb app is topping the app store charts.

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📰 Snippets

  • Let opinion differentiate (link)

  • Why a dumb keyboard app is topping the app store (link)

  • What is Polygon (MATIC)? (link)

  • The siblings who control James Bond (link)

  • Lessons from scaling teams at Credit Karma and Lyft (link)

  • Mining business ideas from Shopify app store (link)

  • From junk bond king to SPAC whale (link)

  • On the Gawker relaunch (link)

  • What is AI? (link)

  • Explicit economics (link)

  • Optimism. Creator economy flywheel (video)

  • Building products at Stripe (link)

  • The Queen of ETFs (link)

  • Geography. The geopolitics of the US in two parts (link)

  • An explosion in creator economy features (link)

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✏ Thought of the Week

Good thing we have Texas and Florida.

If you don’t follow Francis Suarez (mayor of Miami), follow him to see what a city official is supposed to do to attract businesses.

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