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Online lenders made tons of fake PPP loans, candles have become a status symbol, and no more squeezing the toothpaste tube

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  • Weird-as-a-service (link)

  • Fake PPP loans - Kabbage made a bunch of them (link)

  • Calm funds and calm capitalists (link)

  • Candles became the lockdowns de facto status symbol (link)

  • Philosophy. Death: A brief guide (link)

  • The limits to blockchain scalability (link)

  • How Pixar uses hyper-colors to hack your brain (link)

  • The 40 year old man with a $10mm Pokemon collection (link)

  • First interview with Raghavan from Google (link)

  • The new browser wars heat up (link)

  • How do rolling funds and syndicates work? (link)

  • How to go viral (link)

  • Build your own million dollar spreadsheet (link)

  • Marketing. How we scaled LeadFeeder’s signups (link)

  • Brainstorming Shopify for Saas (link)

  • Psychology. The Barnum effect (link)

  • Will NFTs transform tattoos into bankable art? (link)

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Millennials hold half the proportion of wealth that Gen X did at this age. And Zuck has close to half of all millennial wealth.

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