The Rabbit Hole #024

The one that made you realize what your accelerometer can do


Some personality types might just be better, politics and pro-wrestling are more similar than you think, and the first rule of Bite Club is to talk about Bite Club

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📰 Snippets

  • The great online game (link)

  • Are some personalities just better? (link)

  • History. A new look at a wicked Emperor (link)

  • Chamath: Conqueror of SPACs (link)

  • Liquidity Capital: Meme-King of Wall Street (link)

  • Behind the secret Swiss Bank for the World’s richest (link)

  • Geography is the chessboard of history (link)

  • How politics became pro wrestling (video)

  • Is the garbage biz rebounding? (link)

  • Bite Club (link)

  • Is writing books a good idea? (hacker news)

  • Email technology explained from first principles (link)

  • The 25 fastest growing DTC brands (link)

  • The creator economy (link)

  • What is The Internet Computer and ICP token? (link)

  • What’s going on with The Pirate Bay of science? (link)

  • Sovereign writers and Substack (link)

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  • I signed up for this Under the Radar trend-spotting tool and I love it.

  • 9 CryptoPunks from LarvaLabs sold for $17mm at Christie’s. They have come a long way. The craziest thing for me is how popular NFTs actually are and then how few collectors there actually are on the major projects.

  • Remember StumbleUpon? Stumbled does the exact same thing.

  • Live Nation talking about the NFT game. I think they should think bigger. I want an Iron Maiden NFT that only the 1,000 best Maiden fans bid up - it would get you backstage access to any show, autographed guitars, meet the band etc. Seems like table stakes that tickets will be on chain in the future, duh.

  • This Neurosity product looks wild, I want to try it. Apparently it helps you find flow state.

  • I recently stumbled upon this fellow Indie Hacker, Nikita Kolmogorov. He builds some really cool stuff - I spent some time looking through his projects this week.

  • Asia is a good place to look for alt coin trends.

  • I liked this podcast with Kenny Rose, the CEO of Franshares from my dude Stefan over at Right now, they essentially have a mutual fund type vehicle where you invest in the franchises they choose. What was interesting to me would be having a community-based vehicle, where you could invest in a franchise pool in your own city.

  • Your phone accelerometer knows a lot about you… like seriously, a lot.

✏ Thought of the Week

Marketers, listen up. People don’t have short attention spans, they have short consideration spans.

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