The Rabbit Hole #023

The one where ETH started taking over

Quick Announcement

I’ve been building a tool that aggregates all the Buy-it-Now domain names getting listed each day on the market. It aggregates them and spits out the top ones in a daily newsletter. I am taking a few ALPHA users (it’s still pretty rough). If you want on, respond with your email address.

It looks like this:


Ethereum is blowing up, Larva Labs launches Meebits, and just in general NFTs are gaining in popularity faster than ever.

Deeper down the rabbit hole:

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📰 Snippets

  • The rise of the Ethereum economy (link)

  • Etsy sells all kinds of crazy stuff (link)

  • Crazy new ideas by Paul Graham (link)

  • How Bezos beat the tabloids (link)

  • Profile. The serial SPAC backer (link)

  • The “sage of The Simpsons” tells all (link)

  • Product-led growth: breaking through the ceiling (link)

  • The Nirvana fallacy (link)

  • Picking the right freemium strategy (link)

  • FastCompany’s World-Changing Ideas (link)

  • Myth. Are the Gospels mythical? (link)

  • History. How Pepsi acquired the world’s 6th largest military (link)

  • What’s going on here? Essay on choosing people (link)

🌏 Explore

  • Meebits launched & sold $80mm in 5 hours. Still deciding if I wanna buy one.

  • Rarity Tools is an awesome website that shows you how rare an NFT is based on attributes. (h/t Connor Knabe)

  • Chia is a new Crypto project (launched this week) that uses “proof of space” instead of “proof of work”. That means that you can mine (farm) it using a hard drive. This is a calculator you can use to see if it is profitable to farm it.

  • Youtube. I love Kanye. You probably know that by now. This Youtube channel is awesome and has well-done biographies of different rappers and other interesting mini-docs. I watched this one about The College Dropout recently.

  • Two things in prepping for summer: (1) Massive chlorine shortage (2) The 17 year cicada is coming back (but not in Missouri unfortunately)

  • just put out it’s Q1 domain investment index. It’s kinda like the Inc 5000 coming out for domain investors.

  • Bitcoin Math. I got pretty into these articles about math and BTC movement: (1) Golden ratio multiplier (2) Scarcity Modeling (3) Pi Cycle and (4) Stock-to-flow model.

  • Maker News is now on my bookmarks bar. It aggregates Hacker News, Product Hunt, and Indie Hackers.

  • Hustle. People are making money selling spreadsheets.

  • Permanent Link is a cool idea. A promise to stop broken links (like when authors publish them in books).

  • Crypto Litmus is awesome for seeing which cryptos are up at a quick glance. Click into one and see recent articles/tweets/reddits.

✏ Thought of the Week

How important is PR?

Until next week,


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