The Rabbit Hole #022

The one that goes deep on the slander industry


Go behind the curtains of the slander industry, a must-read article on Bitcoin and global finance, and the real reason McFlurry machines are always broken.

Deeper down the rabbit hole:

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📰 Snippets

  • Feature. The slander industry (link)

  • Bitcoin is the Great Definancialization (link)

  • We wanted AI, we got metadata analysis (link)

  • The bizarre world of celebrity impersonators on Cameo (link)

  • The two most underappreciated forces driving markets (link)

  • How Netflix plans to end decision fatigue (link)

  • Multi-million Roblox empire (link)

  • Carson Block - betting against China (link)

  • Confusing market validation and market hype (link)

  • How to think like a detective (link)

  • Starbucks has $1.6B in gift card liabilities (link)

  • Asking better questions (link)

  • Scaling data (link)

  • Learn the Hero’s Journey with Star Wars and The Matrix (twitter)

🌏 Explore

  • This map of Reddit is a nice companion for the Reddit tool I posted last week.

  • Love the site, It just keeps spitting out AI-generated pictures of people.

  • This podcast with Sean Markey on expired domains was pretty good.

  • I liked this presentation on how to build your personal monopoly with David Perell and Jack Butcher:

✏ Thought of the Week

Is Bob Ross the most prolific painter in history? The Hustle thinks he might be.

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