The Rabbit Hole #021

The one with the hidden gem of a Reddit tool


The Mundian and Modian debate, a hidden gem of a free Reddit tool, and a good briefing on the corporate tax issue.

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📰 Snippets

  • Philosophy. The great Mundian and Modian debate (link)

  • Briefing. The corporate tax burden, fact and fiction (link)

  • The economics of illegal streaming (link)

  • Future. The rise of the 10x class (link)

  • Inside Jay-Z’s weed lab (link)

  • Masterclass SEO strategy thread (link)

  • How Robinhood made trading easy (link)

  • The best quarterback in a decade; he isn’t competitive? (link)

  • The rationalist movement and the scout mindset (link)

  • Poker, Horses, and a $12B fortune (link)

  • Real life Ari Gold: Hollywood’s most ambitious agent (link)

  • Music. A history of the devilish tritone (link)

  • An SEO strategy thread (twitter)

  • A simple app launched to 10k daily visits (link)

  • Tesla: top global brand that doesn’t advertise (twitter)

  • What was supposed to be the next big thing? (reddit)

  • Paul Yacoubian’s 20 pt scoring formula for investing (twitter)

  • 15 ways Spotify changed the music industry (link)

  • Philosophy. Neurons gone wild (link)

  • Magical movies thread (reddit)

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✏ Thought of the Week

I enjoyed that article from the snippets above on corporate tax rates. I think it’s a fair look at the issue and largely non-political and I would recommend to everyone to get informed on the issue. He also did a Youtube video.

If you don’t read that whole article, read these two points:

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