The Rabbit Hole #020

The one with the breed-able, bet-able, digital horse NFTs


Muons are changing physics as we know it, how to make money breeding digital horses with Zed Run, and spotting trends in 2021.

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📰 Snippets

  • Business Strategy. The four types of defensibility (link)

  • Rabbit Hole. Underrated websites and their uses (reddit)

  • Hack. How I beat the Berlin housing market with Python (link)

  • Trendspotting tips and tricks (link)

  • How people get rich now (link)

  • On differentiation strategy (link)

  • How Stripe became Silicon Valley’s hottest startup (link)

  • Can Clubhouse keep it going? (link)

  • BitClout deep dive (link)

  • The Chinese vaping billionaire (link)

  • The Guggenheims of NFT art (link)

  • Lessons from Amazon’s top seller (link)

  • A tiny particle’s wobble could upend phyics (link)

  • Non-Fungible Taylor Swift (link)

  • The cult of Crypto Punks (link)

  • Amazon & private label sales (link)

  • Top ideas thread (twitter)

🌏 Explore

  • Have you heard of Zed Run? It’s like Top Shot mixed with sports betting mixed with an NFT Tomagotchi pet.

  • The MLB’s answer to Top Shots launches next week.

  • I’ve been watching this YouTube channel, Behind the Curtain, that has writers explaining how they wrote their famous works. I enjoyed the one with Chuck Palahniuk talking about how he came up with Fight Club and the Rick and Morty crew describing their writers’ room.

  • I’m really hot on this business model of leveraging personal coaches with technology. My Body Tutor is a monthly subscription where you get a coach that helps you lose weight through texting. Commit Action is similar but with productivity. Really simple idea but seems like it would work well as a business.

  • Another cool business idea… tracking competitors as a service. These guys will send you Shopify sales data from your closest competitors. Where else could you take that idea?

  • Great business model number three: Deep Sentinel. Having your own private security guard used to be an ultra-luxury. These guys are automating home security through smart cameras, and pairing up one security guard with roughly 100 houses for a monthly fee.

  • Kernal is a social network built around startup ideas. Kinda fun to dig into some of the ideas.

✏ Thought of the Week

Successful people care about what is right, not who is right.

Until next week.


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