The Rabbit Hole #019

The one with the origins of Crypto Punks

Just got the second vaccine. Rough weekend. Still bringing you the goods though.


The Winklevii return, Kevin Rose launches a dope new podcast, and now you subscribe to running shoes.

Deeper down the rabbit hole:

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📰 Snippets

  • How to monetize culture (link)

  • How to see the future like a superforecaster (link)

  • A physicist cracked Paypal’s $100mm churn problem (twitter)

  • The case for being unreachable (link)

  • Five investing powers (link)

  • Why do animals never get lost? (link)

  • The Winklevoss twins are back (link)

  • MetaMask - the ultimate resource (link)

  • Why does MSFT flight sim seem so real? (link)

  • How to lose $20B in two days (link)

  • Why do ships keep crashing? (link)

  • How Delaware became a corporate Mecca (link)

  • BuzzSumo studied 100mm headlines (link)

  • What ever happened to TOMS shoes? (link)

  • The puzzle of bringing the J&J vaccine to the public (link)

  • Will Miami become a tech hub? (link)

  • Stamps: a bifurcated market (link)

  • Where are all the Bob Ross paintings? (video)

  • The CEO switch-up at McDonalds (link)

  • Peter Thiel on US-China relations (video)

  • UIPath S-1 tear-down (link)

🌏 Explore

  • I’ve been listening to Kevin Rose ever since Digg Nation. I’m really digging his new podcast Modern Finance about alt assets, robo-investing, NFTs etc. I really liked the origin story of Crypto Punks.

  • I’ve been digging Front Office, a newsletter about the business of sports. This snippet turned me on to ‘subscription running shoes’.

  • Trying to figure out Creator Coins to buy on BitClout? I found BitCloutList this week which tracks different price movements.

  • Aff Table shows you affiliate payouts for different SaaS.

  • Nat Geo is going to chronicle the Artemis Program’s return to the moon by 2024. Sounds like something I’ll be watching.

  • Notarize raised $130mm. That’s the kinda boring business I love.

  • Total crypto market cap just hit $2T, whoah.

  • Some weird things you’ll hear more of soon… Bananatex is a textile made from a relative of the banana plant. Breadfruit is a popular new flour replacement.

  • Interested in how sound effects are created? I liked this video about how sounds in nature documentaries were ‘faked’.

✏ Thought of the Week

Are you an egg or a potato?

Until next week.


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