The Rabbit Hole #018

The one with the mega viral website

Happy Easter. This issue is a little shorter. Here is an Easter-themed picture of Macho Man to compensate.

Keep on reading, there’s lots of good stuff in this one.


BCG analyzes the domain name secondary market, nails a linkbuilding play, and someone crushes a viral website about the Suez Canal fiasco.

Deeper down the rabbit hole:

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📰 Snippets

  • Must read. Inside a viral website: (link)

  • What is Bitclout? (link)

  • The pastry AI that learned to fight cancer (link)

  • Marketplace supply strategy (link)

  • The history of Rome in 20 mins (video)

  • He was running a booming illegal fentanyl business on the side (link)

  • The top 100 consumer marketplaces (link)

  • The COO playbook: Your first 10 systems (link)

  • What’s the best sleep quality metric? (link)

  • The man who struck digital gold, twice (link)

  • He lost $10,000,000 (twitter)

  • Three types of backing deals (link)

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✏ Thought of the Week

Famous Youtuber Casey Neistat has a brother named Van and he recently started a channel. I thought his breakdown of the Fourth Turning was good. If you haven’t read about the Fourth Turning, check that out… instant rabbit hole.

Until next week.


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