The Rabbit Hole #016

The one with the horse meat vigilante


Phone scammers busted, the underground horse meat market, and American farmland.

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📰 Snippets

Here are some articles and videos that have been keeping me busy this week.

  • Recommended watch. The anatomy of a phone scam (video)

  • The suburban dad with 75 million books in print (link)

  • Coinbase and the Jordian Paradox (link)

  • The rise of Molekule (link)

  • The art of the… desk setup? (link)

  • What’s all the fuss about Top Shot? (link)

  • Wild. The Florida horse meat vigilante (link)

  • Is it time for a new World’s Fair? (link)

  • The Nifty Gateway heist (link)

  • Religion and the modern guise (link)

  • Is Twitter reinventing itself? (link)

  • Who bought Beeple? MetaKovan & Metapurse (link)

  • DoorDash & last mile logistics (link)

  • America’s Covid swabs and the feuding cousins (link)

  • The CEO charged with vaccinating America (link)

  • Platforms, funding, and the future (link)

  • NFTs as a Schelling Point (link)

🌏 Explore

  •  I got in my first NBA Top Shot drop this week finally (after trying drops 4 times prior). This Jayson Tatum dunk is the first rare in my tiny collection.

  • I also got in my first fractional investment this week, buying a few shares of X-men #1 on Rally.

  • Austin Kleon put out this article about how he writes his newsletter… pretty close to how I do it. The key is just putting in stuff that I think is interesting without worrying if it resonates with other people.

  • Last week, I wrote about a cold email. Here’s another one, this one started a $100mm/yr company. The full speech by the founder of WP Engine is great.

  • Spotalike is cool, you type in a song and it builds a Spotify playlist off of it.

  • The Zoom Escaper can give you an out if you have too many back-to-back Zoom meetings.

  • This mega retro infoproduct made like $70mm in 2021 dollars. Worth a read.

  • FastCompany put out its most interesting companies of 2021 list.

  • I thought this art critic’s take on Beeple was overly dramatic and pretty funny to read.

  • Dutchie is doing work in the cannabis industry, building the websites

  • E-commerce roll-ups continue… The OpenDoor founder is starting OpenStore

  • The Gumroad crowd-sourced fundraising thing this week was pretty crazy.

  • Here is a little sneak peak behind a successful browser extension, CSS Scan.

✏ Thought of the Week

Did you know 2.5% of American farmland is held by foreign investors? I didn’t but then I read this write-up from Contrarian Thinking. I liked this chart of how to get in the game:

Until next week.


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