The Rabbit Hole #015

The one with the blockchain domains


NFTs gone wild, crypto domains, the new browser wars, and the best cold email of all time.

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📰 Snippets

Here are some articles and videos that have been keeping me busy this week.

  • The man who built AI at Facebook can’t stop it (link)

  • The whales of Top Shot (link)

  • How Ramp Shirts wrote the best cold email ever (link)

  • Overtime is a new basketball league for high school ballers (link)

  • The NFT Bible (link)

  • A brief history of Sea Monkeys (link)

  • CodeMiko is the future of streaming (link)

  • The History of Art in 35 sales (link)

  • The Pitching Ninja (link)

  • What went wrong with Gimlet? (link)

  • Trying to solve the crypto tax problem (link)

  • How curation ate The Economist (link)

  • What is net dollar retention? (link)

  • 2021, the year of the Fintech IPO? (LinkedIn)

  • Content-driven growth models (link)

  • Finance vehicles seen through bananas (Twitter)

  • The power-user trap (link)

  • Scams on the blockchain (link)

  • The types of marketplaces (link)

  • Why Adidas couldn’t revive Reebok (link)

  • The Burning of Banksy (video)

🌏 Explore

  • Must listen. I really enjoyed Beeple on the Pomp show. This led to an email exchange between me and Beeple two days before he sold his piece for $69mm but story for another day. It’s cool because he breaks down the tools he uses to create his art.

  • Finally claimed robstretch.crypto and robstretch.zil on Unstoppable Domains. The latest Domain Sherpa show with Bradley Kam of Unstoppable did a good job of going into the benefits of blockchain domains. You only pay for them once (no renewals) and you own them in your own wallet (no worrying about registrar politics).

  • If you listen to that podcast and think blockchain domains are the future of the internet, Unstoppable is auctioning off premiums right now.

  • Browser Wars. DuckDuckGo passed Bing as the second largest search engine and gets 100mm searches per day. Competitor Brave is launching it’s own search engine. Neeva is joining the party as well, just raising its series B.

  • Coursera is filing to go public.

  • Product Hunt is launching a $5,000 micro-grant program.

  • Zeni raised $13.5mm for an AI-driven bookkeeping service. I’ve always wondered why Quickbooks, Xero and the rest suck so much.

  • Alt is a new platform to buy and sell (and hold) sports cards like stocks.

✏ Thought of the Week

Working on my mental liquidity game this week (tweet). How is yours?

Until next week.


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