The Rabbit Hole #014

The one with the German article you had to translate


Interest in Nifties and Clubhouse still through the roof; deep fakes on the rise; and some moves made in the domain name industry.

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📰 Snippets

Here are some articles and videos that have been keeping me busy this week.

  • The shadow websites of Europe (translate from German) (link)

  • The rise and fall of 80s glam metal (because its my newsletter) (link)

  • Big changes ahead for Google ads (link)

  • FUBU courting Gen Z (link)

  • Audio Collective driving Clubhouse economy (link)

  • The 25 y.o. billionaire building self-driving cars (link)

  • Inside Pfizer’s fast vaccine decision (link)

  • Lumber prices are soaring (link)

  • The rise of Thrasio and the e-commerce aggregators (link)

  • The mathematics of beauty (link)

  • Bain Capital’s global private equity report (link)

  • Clubhouse’s inevitability (link)

  • Focus on your first 10 systems (link)

  • Why a cat with a poptart body sold for almost $600k (link)

  • Co-buying property with friends (link)

  • Content-driven growth (link)

  • Breakthrough technologies of 2021 (link)

  • On NBA Topshot (link)

  • The cereal industry has had a weird year (link)

🌏 Explore

  • Try this Chrome extension to bypass paywalls.

  • Sean Markey launched Juice Market this week, a marketplace for expired domains with SEO juice. Reminds me a little of DNWE - the marketplace for wholesale domains.

  • Speaking of SEO, SEMRush filed an IPO this week. Plans $100mm raise on NYSE.

  • I’ve continued to explore the world of NFTs. My latest curiosity has been around how to mint NFTs yourself, which led me to discover Mintable. One of the best features of NFTs is the ability for the original owner to make a cut on each subsequent sale in the life of an asset.

  • Game Lounge snapped up the Domainify group with top domain name affiliate websites, and

  • Kinda cool or kinda creepy? MyHeritage put out the Deep Nostalgia app to automate old family photos.

  • Lots of Clubhouse-related tools popping up. Clubly to track your links, Casthouse to record your sessions, ClubberOne to share your profile, and Direcon for your analytics.

  • Beam, the digital-first dental insurer, seems to be doing interesting things. They just raised an $80mm Series E.

  • Canada’s top newspaper publishing group just bought an online casino. Struggle is real for journalism.

  • How much would you have today if you invested in _________ IPO?

  • This website creates fake words. Could be a fun way to name a brand or write a Dr. Seuss or James Joyce book.

✏ Thought of the Week

Are you following @DeepTomCruise yet? I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more deepfakes soon…

Until next week.


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