The Rabbit Hole #013

The one about NBA Top Shot

I got caught up in Top Shot mania this week. I even joined a drop (unsuccessfully). I guess I wasn’t alone. According to CryptoSlam, they’ve traded over $131mm in the last 7 days.

I included some more links in Explore to send you down the NFT rabbit hole.


This week’s edition:

📰 Snippets

🌏 Explore

✏ Thought of the week

📰 Snippets

Here are some articles and videos that have been keeping me busy this week.

  • How built a streaming empire (link)

  • Busting domain name secondary market myths (link)

  • How McDonalds really makes money; hint: burgers are a side hustle (video)

  • Can Allbirds compete with Nike? (link)

  • 90 y.o. spends $10k to buy ad calling out AT&T (twitter)

  • Coinbase files its S-1 (link)

  • This cancer survivor will be youngest American in space (link)

  • USPS is going electric (link)

  • Over 7,500 creators make $100k+ on Spotify (link)

  • The investor who abandoned value (link)

  • The surge in Pokemon cards: explained (link)

  • Survival of the fittest? Or the boldest? (link)

  • Add to your framework collection (link)

  • LinkedIn to compete with Upwork & Fiverr (link)

  • Brex is latest Fintech to apply for bank charter (link)

  • On cultures that build (link)

🌏 Explore

  • Some other fun links related to NFTs… Check out DeFi for Decentralized Finance. OpenSea is like the Ebay for NFTs. Nifty Gateway is a popular drop house. And if you buy one, check out Infinite Objects for a cool way to frame it.

  • looks extremely promising to manage your domain portfolio. I currently use Efty but it’s not as automated as I would like.

  • Wanna buy and revive an outdated Chrome extension? Product Explorer is a db of the like.

  • Wavve is a good way to share audio on social in a more visual format.

  • Rezi is a cool project in AI. A guided resume builder.

  • Beeple’s The First 5000 Days is going HAM on Christie’s right now. Over $3mm at time of writing.

  • In honor of Daft Punk retiring, here is a cool sample break down of One More Time.

✏ Thought of the Week

Do you know Laszlo Hanyecz?

He’s the man who bought the most expensive pizza in history. $200mm in today’s dollars.

(tl;dr: 10,000 BTC in 2010 from Papa John’s)

Until next week.


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