The Rabbit Hole #012

The one with the Codex Controversy

A diverse issue. Some real rabbit holes if you check out the title explore bullet, the thread on Reddit subs, or the investment frameworks. If you’re into longer-form articles, check out Barcelona, Beach Bum, and Ghost Kitchens.


This week’s edition:

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📰 Snippets

Here are some articles and videos that have been keeping me busy this week.

  • How ghost kitchens are taking over America’s restaurants (link)

  • The Pirates’ Dilemma thought experiment (link)

  • Barcelona and the crippling cost of success (link)

  • The beach bum who beat Wall Street (link)

  • Repository of investment checklists/frameworks (link)

  • Subreddit rabbits holes (reddit)

  • Don’t get image copyright trolled - how to buy media liability ins (link)

  • Top 50 DTC brands on TikTok (link)*

  • The case for opsimaths (link)*

  • Why India should buy Bitcoin (link)*

  • This company pulls $1.1B in free cash flow off $4B ARR (twitter)

  • Is Shape Up the new scrum? (link)

  • Figma and Canva are upstarts conquering Adobe (link)

  • The government is kicking around launching Skynet (link)

  • Trading cards grew 142% in 2020, according to Ebay (link)

  • Netflix is the future of competition (link)

  • Fake Amazon reviews [still] being sold online (link)

  • Christie’s: now auctioning NFTs (link)

🌏 Explore

  • I finally dug myself into the Slate Star Codex / Scott Alexander controversy this week. If you also want to do so, proceed with caution. Here is my best attempt at a skeleton key: (1) Start with Who is Scott Alexander (2) Read some source material on Slate Star Codex and now Astral Codex Ten (3) Read the infamous NYT article that pissed everybody off (4) Read Scott’s rebuttal (5) Read third party rebuttals like this one.

  • I’m a long time avid Goodreads member, but I had never heard of Letterboxd until just this week. It’s the Goodreads for movies, in case you haven’t either. This article from Good, Better, Best spurred checking this out. As a long-time Redittor, I’m fully on board the niche community train - I’m mostly in marketing groups, but it just makes a lot of sense.

  • If you are using Clubhouse a lot, and sending links to your rooms, this is a really easy tool to make your previews pop and shorten URL. Side note: I can’t get stop getting in domain auctions on there, but the names I’m hearing auctioned are so bad.

  • Varo Bank raises $63mm backed by Russell Westbrook. They are tackling traditionally under-served banking communities.

  • I dropped a link above related to media patent trolls. Pex could be the startup arming them, raising $57mm to find copyright infringements.

  • IntroSend is a nice little utility, and very simple. It connects you with another member of a group you are in, randomly, and once a week via email. It introduced me this week to Jim Stroud, author of BlackHistoryQuiz, in a newsletter creator group I’m in. Check out Jim’s newsletter.

  • LuminDX is using smart phone cameras in a unique way - to diagnose skin conditions. Pretty cool startup.

  • I like what is doing with helping companies claim tax credits, but I have a penchant for boring industries.

  • I was tipped off to Statista this week, which is insanely cool. It’s basically but actually usable.

  • Phantombuster (essential growth marketing tool if you haven’t used it) rolled out a really cool new viral LinkedIn sequence.

  • Amazon just launched a Kickstarter clone. Speaking of Kickstarter, this company raised some money there recently selling watchmaking kits. I want to try that.

✏ Thought of the Week

Anybody else following the Saxsquatch on Facebook? I just can’t get enough.

What are your favorite puns taken delightfully too far?

Reply to the mailbag.


Until next week.


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