The Rabbit Hole #011

The one where the ice cream melted

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the modern peeps or Lupercalia to all the ancient Romans in the audience. 2000 years ago it was an ancient fertility festival and it still is today for Bouqs and Hallmark.


This week’s edition:

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📰 Snippets

Here are some articles and videos that have been keeping me busy this week.

  • The meltdown of a hot ice cream company (link)

  • Stuck with $3mm worth of masks - did supply and demand break down? (link)

  • The billionaire commanding SpaceX’s all-civilian mission (link)

  • A Bitcoin mining industry overview (link)

  • The dishonest downfall of Dan Bilzerian (video)

  • We’re living in a paradox of abundance (link)

  • Coinbase goes full-on mission-first (link)

  • How safe is gamified, mobile-first trading? (link)

  • Man behind Fortnite makes his riskiest bet ever (link)

  • The double life of Wirecard’s fugitive exec (video)

  • Powered-by linkbuilding still works, 0-33 DA in a week (link)

  • Branch Banking is dying (link)

  • Who let the Doge out? (link)

  • Substack CEO welcomes big tech (link)

  • Third-party cookies going the way of the dodo (link)

  • How popular is the .com extension? (link)

  • Apple watch can predict COVID before testing (link)

  • The 50 most visited websites in the world (infogrpahic)

🌏 Explore

  • Well this was certainly the biggest week in podcasts in 2021 thus far. It’s always a good day when Joe Rogan drops a new Elon episode, that goes without mentioning. That’s like a Kanye album drop. I also really enjoyed Josh Clemente, the founder of Levels, on the Pomp podcast this week.

  • On a related note, I got the Levels invite this week after being on the waitlist for a long time. I think I will do the 28 day trial soon and write about it.

  • Excitingly, I also got the full Open AI GPT-3 API access this week. Talk about a good way to kill an hour or two. My favorite part is the developer community you get access to - it’s like spying on the future of the internet. I liked this MS Word plugin that one dev built and it still seems a bit early, but project electric sheep seems like gazing into the future of VR. My favorite might be IdeasAI - a business idea generator.

  • In domain investing news, Right of the Dot is opening their auction this week. There are some big names on there:,, and more.

  • In startup news, Aim Lab seems like about the most 2021 entry I’ve heard of. They help e-gamers improve their in-game aiming skills. That’ll be worth about a billion in no time.

  • Speaking of a billion, Cameo might be the next unicorn. Seems like it should have already with all the buzz.

  • More startups: Commonstock is an investing based social network in beta. Resonate is an up-and-coming music-based network. And could Twetch be the upstart to take on Twitter? (let’s see what excuse big tech has to ban them)

  • In collectible news, pokemon card sets are now selling for the better chunk of a million bucks.

  • Where does drop culture meet the NFT art world? Nifty Gateway of course. I have had some fun looking through their offerings.

  • Has everybody checked out Question Hub by Google yet? It’s like Google Alerts with questions in real time. Pretty much gonna be any SEO’s new best friend.

  • @sriramk has a great collection of business memos.

  • Pipe and others are redefining how Saas companies are capitalizing.

  • Manufacturing Intellect is a Youtube channel and a pretty cool place to find interviews with interesting people.

  • NextBrand is pretty cool - it shows the fastest growing DTC brands based on site traffic.

✏ Thought of the Week

This week I had a little competition with myself to find the best-named subreddit. This was my winner:

r/SavageGarden - a community for carnivorous plant lovers

If you have a better one, reply to this email and drop it in the mailbag.

Until next week.


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