The Rabbit Hole #010.5

The one about the best referral program on the internet

Most referral programs are lame - I did my best to include some really cool stuff on here. Trust me, the first prize alone (for sharing with just one person) could keep you busy for like 10 hours.

Without further ado, I present The Rabbit Hole referral program:

  1. Refer 1 person (just one person) and I will send you a list of 1,000 affiliate sites that are crushing it right now including estimated earnings, SEO info, and more. This is like the Inc 500 list except you could take a good chunk of these and easily copy them and have a money making affiliate site.

  2. Refer 5 people and I will share whatever you are working on in The Rabbit Hole. Beware: you’ll basically be super famous for a day and you’ll be fighting off the paparazzi - don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  3. Refer 15 people and I’ll give you a full year of free access to my domain tool Nameburner. This is a tool that I developed and I am currently the only person on the planet that has access to it (hopefully you’ll change that). It shows you the top domains selling in the aftermarket each day and (will soon) recommend which ones are good buys.

  4. Refer 50 people and I’ll mail you copies of my 3 favorite books. I will include an original terrible drawing of a zoo animal with them too just to sweeten the pot. You’ll get The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, Zero to One, and The Fish that Ate the Whale.

  5. Refer 100 people and I’ll let you borrow my online assistant, Andrea, for a 40-hour workweek. She will change your life… She’ll sort out your email, research gifts to buy your girlfriend, look into pricing for public access tv shows… the sky is the limit*

  6. Refer 500 people and I’ll put your face on a billboard. Or your company, or really whatever you want.

    If you like the vibe I’m throwing out there every week, invite some friends!

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*God bless Andrea, these are all things she has done for me