The Rabbit Hole #009

The one where I didn't write about GME

Populism is fun but I’m burnt out on GME after consuming probably 10 hours of podcasts on the topic. Huge fan of The Tendieman song though.

Side note: I started building an application related to domain names. It’s pretty dope, I’ll give out some invites when it’s a little more built out. And you probably won’t even share this newsletter… sigh.


This week’s edition:

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✏ Thought of the week

📰 Snippets

Psyche! I lied, here were my favorite three pieces on the WSB craziness.

  • Before r/wallstreetbets there was Jonathan Lebed (link)

  • WSB founder does WSJ. And he’s not what you think. (link)

  • The man who drove the Mania (link)

And back to regular programming:

  • Plaid’s insane defensibility (link)

  • Roblox and its IPO (link)

  • The Kazakhstai with the 100mm view remix (link)

  • Mr. Beast’s videos dissected (video)

  • 2021, the year when 60 SPACs raised $17B in Jan (link)

  • How the most hyped oil merger in 10 years went bust (link)

  • Amazon & Airport retail (link)

  • The takedown of DarkMarket (link)

  • Why are Rollies so expensive? (link)

  • Mark Cuban to start low-cost drug company (link)

  • The ‘Happy City’ and the $20T market opportunity (link)

  • How Noom grew to 9 figs (link)

🌏 Explore

  • The world of digital collectibles continues to amaze. An NBA Top Shot has sold for over $70k at this point. Veve has sold… wait for it… $200B with a B worth of licensed digital materials. What is really interesting to me are the companies like that are forming the backbone of the NFT movement. (h/t Alt Assets)

  • I’ve been messing around with my keyboard this week trying to relearn piano a little bit. I really enjoy this guy’s channel and this video about classical music that inspired pop music. Also, I am a subscriber to HD Piano and I think they have the best tutorials online.

  • This was a feel good story - this guy went from a life of prison to starting a company bent on fixing the communication gap for prisoners.

  • Ford filed for a multi-drone vehicle jump-start patent. And it’s wild looking.

  • Cool startups. ResortPass is a cool startup. They help resorts monetize by offering day passes to amenities. Also Doorvest is helping digitize owning investment props.

✏ Thought of the Week

Did you know the Dutch East India company was worth $7.9T (adj. for inflation) at its peak? Tulip mania was wild.


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Until next week.


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