The Rabbit Hole #007

The one with the 2021 theme

Does anybody else do a theme for the year? I have been doing it the last few years and I get a lot out of it.

My last few were Logic vs Emotion (2019), Frameworks/Systems (2020), and now Focus (2021).

I’m still not 100% sure what I think about goals in general… I tend to think more inline with Scott Adams and favor systems. A theme lets me explore a subject without setting rigid goals around it.

Not too late to pick a theme to focus on for 2021. My quote below is related to a Paul Graham idea around focus.

This week’s edition:

📰 Snippets

🌏 Explore

💼 Random Business Ideas

✏ Thought of the week

📰 Snippets

Some notable articles I’ve been enjoying.

  • Lost Bitcoin passwords (link)

  • Inside the whale - Amazon tell-all (link)

  • Gardens & the Human Condition (link)

  • How art arrived at Pollock (video)

  • Supreme: a case-study in goodwill (link)

  • Deepfakes & Fashion (link)

  • Future of fungi (link)

  • The lonely travel hacker (link)

  • Harry’s and Anti-trust (link)

🌏 Explore

  • Been following the GPT 3 / DALL-E situation? If you haven’t checked out some of the demo images from DALL-E (text-to-image-creation AI), they are pretty mind-blowing.

  • I was digging the gear recommendations in this “Cooking for Founders” article.

  • I like following what Tiny Seed is doing. They put out their application for a new cohort of companies.

💼 Random Business Ideas

  • I’ve been thinking about this idea of franchise-as-a-service. Virtual Dining Concepts is doing this with restaurants and they helped Mr. Beast launch 300 locations in one day. What other verticals besides food would allow a service like this? I think the franchise space in general could be ripe for disruption.

  • Thriver is one of the companies in the online team building space and raised a $33M Series B over the summer. There are about a billion opportunities right now around taking things virtual.

✏ Thought of the Week

Been re-reading this Paul Graham essay on “The Top Idea in Your Mind”.

I think most people have one top idea in their mind at any given time. That's the idea their thoughts will drift toward when they're allowed to drift freely.

Simple concept but it’s something I am not good at. I’m trying to be more mindful this week about what my top idea is at the moment. Can you easily identify yours?

How much can the focus on one idea compound your productivity?


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Until next week.


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