The Rabbit Hole #006

The one with Peter Thiel and Charlie Munger

I’m re-reading Zero to One by Peter Thiel. This time around I found this essay to read as a companion. Highly recommend both if you haven’t read - might be hard for me to agree with a book more.


This week’s edition:

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💼 Random Business Ideas

✏ Thought of the week

📰 Snippets

Some notable articles I’ve been enjoying.

  • What is brand? (link)

  • Primer on the geopolitics of the oil industry (link)

  • Profile on the Points Guy (link)

  • Wallstreet’s greatest economist (link)

  • Growth, Science, and (link)

  • Amazon plotting its course into healthcare (link)

  • The Ultimate Guide to Unbundling (link)

  • How to make 1 + 1 = 3 (link)

  • The story behind Circle (link)

🌏 Explore

  • I stumbled across this search engine for recipes. You type in ingredients and it searches a giant recipe database.

  • I enjoyed this breakdown of the purchase of a small affiliate website.

  • The Sill is a cool store - they are trying to make owning house plants easier.

  • 1971 was a really strange year for economic indicators, causing somebody to make this website asking “WTF happened in 1971”?

  • About a million articles out there making predictions for 2021. Here are a few decent ones (1) (2)

💼 Random Business Ideas

  • There are only something like 200,000 active browser extensions and 1/3 of internet users have at least one. I think there is a lot of opportunity to buy one and improve it.

✏ Thought of the Week

This is one of my favorite quotes from Charlie Munger on decision-making.

Personally, I’ve gotten so that I now use a kind of two-track analysis. First, what are the factors that really govern the interests involved, rationally considered? And second, what are the subconscious influences where the brain at a subconscious level is automatically doing these things — which by and large are useful, but which often misfunction.


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