The Rabbit Hole #005

Welcome 2021

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Spent the New Year’s weekend reading about Charlie Munger. I’m reading Poor Charlie’s Almanack and Seeking Wisdom. Both are phenomenal.

I think my biggest takeaway from him is to always invert when problem solving (which he ganked from this guy). It also worked really well for George Costanza.


This week’s edition:

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💼 Random Business Ideas

✏ Thought of the week

📰 Snippets

Some notable articles I’ve been enjoying.

  • Why are we polarized? (link)

  • Signaling-as-a-service (link)

  • How to become insanely well connected (link)

  • Is carbon the new cash crop? (link)

  • My New Year’s resolution is to avoid listicles. But these 100 tips were pretty good (link)

  • Is Substack the media future we want? (link)

  • Another listicle. Tom Whitwell published his 2020 list (link)

  • Google is killing local news (link)

🌏 Explore

  • Plan to Eat is an app that helps you save recipes and plans your shopping lists around them.

  • The guys over at Product Launch Pros have reverse engineered launching products. They had influence on 3 of the top 5 Product Hunt launches this year. Holy cow.

  • Are subscription texting services gonna be a big thing? Gary V is doing something kinda cool at Subtext is letting influencers create private text groups and Live Recover is helping e-commerce companies with cart abandonment. Maybe this is the year texting gets interesting.

  • This guy published a list of 20,000 Substack newsletters. I bought it and have been enjoying looking through it.

  • Some companies are capitalizing on the newsletter frenzy of 2020. and Hecto are two of them trying to match newsletters with advertisers.

  • Here’s a way to get the news with less media bias… Follow Weeklypedia. It alerts you which Wikipedia articles are getting edited the most each week.

  • Lead by Spotify, maybe 2021 will be the year that podcasts become measurable.

💼 Random Business Ideas

  • Acadium is an interesting concept. Businesses pay a subscription to get access to interns without all the struggle of actually hiring them. Interns get real world experience with real companies. Alternative education (ISAs, Lambda School, Code Academy etc) are getting lots of attention but what about an alternative internship?

  • Here are a few companies primed to do some interesting things this year in the financial vertical. lets businesses trade customer subscription futures like an asset. CartaX is letting private companies trade shares.

✏ Thought of the Week

Chinese workers have a term called ‘bàofùxìng áoyè’ which roughly translates to “Revenge Bedtime Procrastination”.

Its the idea that people stay up late as revenge for having a fixed rigid work schedule. I think this is universal.


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