The Rabbit Hole #004

New name for the New Year

Last issue of 2020. New newsletter name… new branding… No feature this week - I might play around with making those less frequent.

Let me know if there is anything you want to see more of going into 2021.


This week’s edition:

📰 Snippets

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💼 Random Business Ideas

✏ Thought of the week

📰 Snippets

This week I have a heavy dose of some interesting profiles I’ve been reading.

  • Classic. I sell onions on the internet (link)

  • The reporter who fell in love with the Pharma Bro (link)

  • Co-efficient Capital put out its 2020 consumer trends list (link)

  • A profile on America’s most misunderstood chef (link)

  • Inside India’s dark data economy (link)

  • Inside a $10,000 one-week ebook launch (link)

  • The four myths of bundling (link)

  • Day in the life of Shopify CEO, Tobi Lutke (link)

  • The decline of brilliant young coder (link)

  • The goat farmer that’s shorting humanity (link)

🌏 Explore

  • Predictive Index. This thing straight up blew me away. It’s like I sat in a room with a Walter Isaacson for 6 weeks, he painstakingly wrote a full-length biography of me over a 2 year period, and then SparkNotes got a hold of it and synthesized my life’s philosophy into 3 pages. But actually I just answered 2 questions and it took 5 minutes and then I had that exact same 3 page PDF. (h/t Augie Nielsen)

  • Well, the future of tv advertising is here. Hulu just launched a self-serve tv ad manger.

  • I’ve been looking for a piece of art and I’ve browsed some different sites. My favorite so far is Zatista because the navigation is great and so is the quality of work. Also been vibing on Saatchi Art.

  • Alternative Assets is a newsletter from the head of product at Flippa. I’ve been digging some of their write-ups - notably an article about buying music rights most recently.

  • is a cool idea - they created a new financial instrument for founders which is kind of a mix between debt & equity. Almost like an ISA. (h/t Opt Out Life podcast)

  • Water Futures are now trading for the first time.

  • is a tool for seeing how many people share your name. There are 21 Robert Stretches in the U.S. (this tool is great for buying name-based domains)

💼 Random Business Ideas

  • My Yoga Teacher has me thinking about labor arbitrage this week. They outsource video yoga lessons to yogis in India. I’m sure there are other industries where you can outsource higher quality services (i.e. Indian yogis teaching yoga) to lower labor cost markets.

  • Bidets are getting really popular in the US. This would be an easy affiliate play with low competition right now and a wide range of product prices.

  • Somebody should make an online version of a Farmer’s market. Would be easier now with delivery networks in place and tools like Shopify.

✏ Thought of the Week

Learned a new word this week:

2020 goals: be confident in your convictions, but just really make sure you aren’t being a bayard.

Tell me if I am.


Got cool stuff to share? I’ll always give you the ole (h/t). Include your Twitter link.

Until next week.


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