The Rabbit Hole #003

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Been spending lots of time reflecting on a weird year! Onward to 2021.


This week’s edition:

👑 Feature: Roam Research

📰 Snippets

🌏 Explore

💼 Random Business Idea

✏ Thought of the week

👑 Friends, Roam-ans, Countrymen

Roam Research seems like the new Evernote… It’s the darling productivity tool of the tech world. Also I’m obsessed with it.

Roam is positioning itself in a new category: “networked thought”. It’s simple and brilliant. It’s exactly what was always missing form Evernote. It’s like your own personal internet for your brain.

One of my goals for 2021 is to be more intentional about what I read. This goal lead me the Zettelkasten method & to Sonke Ahrens and his book How to Take Smart Notes. It’s kind of a rabbit hole but I look forward to exploring it more next year with Roam as my system of record.

If you want to get into Roam, I recommend this (unfinished) training course.

How are you using Roam? Reply and let me know.

📰 Snippets

Some articles I was digging this week.

  • From a blank screen to front page of Reddit (link)

  • Learn more about Charlie Munger in a few minutes (link)

  • On building a world-class team (link)

  • Internal culture and storytelling (link)

  • Reddit pick. What service was supposed to make your life easier? (link)

  • Non-fungible tokens and the art world (link)

  • The worlds fastest growing source of food (hint: not insect protein) (link)

  • For fun: Harper’s 2020 stats (link)

  • On Remote Work: We’re never going back (link)

🌏 Explore

  • I’ve really been enjoying, specifically their Instrinsic Values test that I recently took. I might be reading a little too much Ayn Rand.

  • Patent Drop is a great newsletter I’ve been digging - they analyze different patents that big companies are filing. It’s like x-ray glasses into the future.

💼 Random Business Ideas

  • Just listened to this podcast about the founder of Van Woof. He is bringing in $3500 a day in sales on Etsy. All outsourced & dropshipped. Terrible website of their own. Seems like a pretty easy business operationally if you had another good angle on a print product.

  • Seeing a lot of Toptal for X lately. MarketerHire does this for marketing. You could do that in any vertical.

✏ Thought of the Week

My favorite book right now is The Almanack of Naval Ravikant. At the risk of sounding over-hyped on it, it was the perfect book for me to read at this exact point of my life. The last ‘paradigm-shifting’ book for me was The 4-Hour Workweek, which I first read at 19 and seems silly now but ultimately that’s what got me into my career.

I’ve never highlighted more of a book in my entire life. It’s kinda like the Tao Te Ching - highlighting doesn’t really work so really you just need to open to a random page every once in a while and soak in some wisdom.


Got cool stuff to share? I’ll always give you the ole (h/t). Include your Twitter link.

Until next week.


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