The Rabbit Hole #002

History repeats itself.

Back at it with a few new sections and more content.

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This week’s edition:

👑 Feature: Guerilla Marketing

📰 Snippets

🌏 Explore

💼 Random Business Idea

✏ Thought of the week

✉ Mailbag

👑 Lights out, Guerilla Marketing

Everybody enjoys a good marketing stunt. They can be a great way to attract earned media on a shoestring budget.

Here are some of my personal favorite marketing stunts & tactics:

Have other marketing stunts that generated tons of eyeballs? Reply to the mailbag.

📰 Snippets

Some articles I was digging this week.

  • Read of the week. Million dollar portfolio as a side project. (link)

  • Some simple math to set up a sales team (link)

  • How to build an online community (link)

  • Can he save Barnes & Noble? (link)

  • The man who discovered Forrest Fenn’s treasure (link)

  • What conspiracy theory do you believe is true [Reddit] (link)

  • Thoughts on a Biden tax plan (link)

  • VPNs are a $20B market. What exactly is a VPN ayway? (link)

  • Anticipating the “death effect” in art valuation (link)

  • Madagascar and the vanilla industry (link)

  • The billion dollar email company I hadn’t heard of (with a $10 domain name) (link)

  • Long read. The Art of Building the Impossible (link)

🌏 Explore

  • Started using Figma and finally realize what it’s all about. Figma > Photoshop

  • I started using Zero again this week for intermittent fasting. Awesome app. (link)

  • Continuous glucose monitors... I’m on the Levels waitlist - who has one? (link)

  • Unrelated health note… Microbiome startups just passed $1B in funding (link)

  • The site where long term bets are held accountable (link)

  • Good business model alert. Italic is a subscription e-commerce platform (link)

  • I’ve been looking for companies that sell physical gold. Acre seems like a cool service (link)

💼 Random Business Ideas

Because maybe if I make them public, I’ll stop thinking about them.

  • People on Etsy are 3d printing historical figures, composers, presidents, Roman Emperors etc and selling them for $30, $50, even $100. Seems like a lot of markup and lots of good Etsy search volume there.

✏ Thought of the Week

Do you know the difference between a million and a billion?

A million seconds is 11 days. A billion seconds is 31 years.

(h/t MFM podcast)


Adding a mailbag this week like 60 minutes.

Last week’s feature was about fractional alt investments. People sent me some other ones to check out:

  • We didn’t hit on real estate but check out for fractional real estate.

  • FarmTogether is a cool one that lets you buy fractions of farms (h/t Alex Blum)

  • EquityZen is one that let’s you buy pre-IPO stocks like Space X. Accredited investors only tho.

  • FranShares is a new asset class doing this for franchises.

  • Still none for domains…


Got cool stuff to share? I’ll always give you the ole (h/t). Include your Twitter link.

Until next week.


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