The Rabbit Hole #001

The die is cast. First issue.

Hey thanks for checking out the Home Stretch.

I am constantly curating items for myself and friends so I thought I’d do something productive and turn it into a weekly newsletter.

Right now these will consist of some sort of feature, some curated articles, some tools or items to explore, and a closing thought for the week. I’ll try to give credit where I’ve sourced these from.



This week’s edition:

➗ Fractional Alt Assets - this week’s feature

📰 Snippets

🌏 Explore - tools I’m checking out right now, ideas, etc.

✏ Thought of the week

Fractional Alt Assets

Lately I have been really intrigued by the world of fractional investing. Of course investment platforms like RobinHood have allowed fractional stock ownership for a while now, but the blockchain has enabled other players to enter the market with alternative assets as well.

I recently became aware of Altan Insights, who publishes this sick table of Fractional Alt Investments. Basically these companies will buy an asset, turn it into an LLC, fractionalize ownership (through the blockchain), and then sell shares.

Here are some key players to check out:

  • Rally might have the most recognizable name. Their app is sick, I love it SO much.

  • Otis lets you invest in art and pop culture, similar to Rally.

  • does this for art.

  • MyRaceHorse lets you buy freaking horses. Let’s go to Vegas.

If nobody else does, I might have to start this for domain names. What are your favorite players in this space?

📰 Snippets

Some articles I was digging this week.

  • This company is digitizing the junkyard. (link)

  • Inside this Youtube Yoga empire (link)

  • Classic: Is your business a Ben & Jerry’s or an Amazon? (link)

🌏 Explore

  • I’ve been really into newsletters this week. If you’re looking at the market for buying/ selling a newsletter, check out Duuce. Shout out to the owner Jonas for reaching out to me and fixing an issue I had.

  • If you are interested in starting a newsletter, check out Newsletter creators on Facebook which is an awesome active group.

  • Postable seems like a cool way to send out postcards. Haven’t tried it yet.

  • This dude 3d prints some cool math-based shapes.

Thought of the Week

A micromort is a one-out-of-a-million chance of dying. Skydiving is about 8 micromorts per jump and just being alive is about 24 micromorts per day. Go do crazy things.


Until next week.