Tracking Phone Call Leads for Free with Google Voice

Often people in online marketing, especially those dedicated to lead generation, tend to write off call-in leads as a viable option. The common misconception is that you have to set-up an expensive phone system and even then these leads are hard to track.

This doesn’t have to be true. Savvy marketers and small business owners can utilize the wonderful free Google Voice tool for an easy solution to this problem. It’s not as robust as a dedicated phone system obviously, but if all you’re trying to do is track leads from one source then this is solution is both free and easy.

How To Set Up Phone Tracking on Your Lead Generation Website for Free

Step 1: Set up your free Google Voice account. Each registered Google account can register one free phone number on Google voice. And there’s more – you can actually choose which area code your number is in and pick from a list of numbers. Small businesses could pick area codes in Los Angeles or New York City to look larger for example.

Step 2: In the settings on Google Voice, forward calls to the number of your choice. If you are generating leads for a client, use their sales number. If it’s your own business venture, use your cell phone or business line. There are plenty of other options available such as text notifications and forwarding to Gchat, but call forwarding is our main concern.

Step 3: Now paste this number on your website. Place it in the header, footer, on lead forms and anywhere else applicable. This will be a new lead source and in some cases will more than double the volume of leads you’re receiving from your forms. Leads will now call into this number, be time-stamped and tracked on your Google+ account, and forward to whichever phone number you choose.

This allows you to track the leads while someone else can actually field them. This system certainly has its limitations, but if you are working on a cheap budget and making money per lead, you really can’t beat it.

What tips do you have on lead generation with a shoestring budget?

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