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I just wanted to provide a real quick post about how I recently organized my process for reading blogs. I’ve used many systems, from sorting through Google Reader to only using Twitter to read my news.

These past systems and processes have presented many problems from information overload to missing relevant news. I think I finally have a pretty good system, so I wanted to share this with everyone.

My new system involves three programs you will need:

So the system is simple:

Step 1: Download the Readability App on all the devices you want to use to read your blogs. I have the app downloaded on all of my computers (work & home), my iPhone, and my Kindle Fire.

Step 2: Install the Readability for Chrome. This extension will let you add any article you have pulled up on any of your computers directly to your Readability stream. I use this for any articles that are emailed to me or tweeted at me.

Step 3: For blogs that contain industry news you can’t miss or blogs where you simply like reading every last word – go ahead and add these to your Google reader account. My advice would be to not overload Google reader with too much or you will drown in alerts. For blogs like Mashable that post seemingly a million articles a day, try to find RSS feeds set up around tags or topics. I have cut my Google reader down considerably to about 15 industry blogs & personal favorites.

Step 4: Here’s where it gets cool. Using one simple recipe on IFTTT, you can set it up so that whenever you star an article on your Google reader, it instantly gets added to your Readability stream. So now I use Google reader to browse headlines I might be interested in, and the starred ones all get tossed into my stream on Readability.

Step 5: Now you should have a system to handle any articles thrown at you that you might not have a spare second to read. You should also have a system in place to keep up with industry news and your favorite blogs.

One last step I use is a website called It lets me hook up my Twitter account so that it bookmarks anything I tweet. I tweet all my favorite articles and then archive them with Pinboard. It also lets me go back in and tag anything after-the-fact. Check out my bookmarks here if interested.

Also see more awesome tools that everyone should use here.

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