How I Completely Pimped Out the Internet with 30+ IFTTT Recipes

Ever since I first started using If This Then That (from here on out referred to as IFTTT), I have been hooked. This is the glue that holds the internet together.

I’ve scoured the internet far and wide to bring you the best IFTTT recipes I’ve personally come across. To get started with IFTTT, check out this blog post and the other resources at the bottom of this post. If you have a good grip on it already, enjoy these ideas that will change your life for the better…

Great IFTTT Recipes


1. Call me with reminders. This will remind me certain things throughout the week. I have recipes set up to remind me to drink my protein shake and to remember my mom and grandma’s birthdays. It also reminds me pay my credit card bills. The sky’s the limit with this one. 

2. Save Facebook Photos people tag of me to Dropbox. This will keep an archive of any photos you are being tagged in on Facebook in your Dropbox account.

3. Track my sales leads with a Google Doc. If you’re in lead generation, this is a cheap way to timestamp and archive your leads. Track leads sent to a certain email address to add a new column in your Google Doc.

4. Text me alerts if it’s going to rain or snow. Never be caught off guard. Receive a text if the weather is going to be bad.

5. Add my starred Google Alerts to Readability. I sync articles I want to read to my phone, Kindle, and computer with Readability and Google Reader. See more about my blog reading method.

6. Email me when IFTTT channels are introduced. Get an email alert when IFTTT adds new channels. This is pretty awesome and keeps me in the loop when more apps I use get introduced to IFTTT. I got this tip here.

7. Download file from Gmail to Dropbox using subject line. Download an item sent to your Gmail account straight into your Dropbox. This can be useful for storing ebooks or other downloads. I got this tip here.

8. Twitter Search to Email. Be alerted when a new search result or hashtag from Twitter becomes available. This can be great for sales opportunity or reputation management for brands.

9. Share from WordPress or RSS to LinkedIn or Tumblr. I’m not a huge fan of auto-posting to Facebook or Twitter. But so many social networks are being utilized these days, that auto-posts can be helpful. One idea is posting your company’s blog posts automatically to its LinkedIn account for extra traction.

10. Text to Escape. Never be stuck in another sticky situation. Text IFTTT to receive a phone call and voice message. Your awkward blind date won’t have any clue.

11. Be alerted when new titles are streaming on Netflix. Get an email whenever new titles are available on Netflix. This one comes in handy for staying on top of new movies to watch. Check it out here.

12. Cheap Timeclock. Text IFTTT when you’re getting to work and when you’re leaving. Upload it to a Google Doc. This could help a small business keep track of employees time sheets for free.

13. Archive Foursquare check-ins to Google calendar. Want to remember a vacation via a virtual scrapbook? Have IFTTT record all of your Foursquare check-ins directly to your calendar.

14. Email me news about new startups. Whenever posts news about a new start-up, IFTTT emails me about it. Check this one out here.

15. Sync my profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter. Want to keep your personal brand consistent? Make IFTTT change your Twitter profile picture whenever your Facebook one changes.

16. Text me if something I’m looking for comes up on Craigslist search. This one is genius for shopping. If you are looking for certain items, receive an email when they pop up in Craigslist. This has helped me score furniture for my new apartment.

17. New notifications for rare items on ebay. Be notified when new rare items pop up on Ebay via RSS. This is great for collectors. I use it to look for championship ringsI got this tip here.

18. Bookmark videos I want to watch later. Bookmark anything you favorite on Vimeo or Youtube with one of your favorite bookmarking apps. I use Pinboard.

19. Archive tweets or Tumblr to Evernote. Back up any stream of content you’re producing. Who knows when your data will be deleted.

20. Text when someone comments on your site. Are you a webmaster? Reply to comments more quickly with text alerts. This can boost your relationship building big time. I got this tip here.

21. Find my lost phone. Lose your phone a lot? Make your phone ring when you send yourself an email with a certain subject line. Check it out here.

22. Send ebooks as PDFs from Dropbox to Kindle. Whenever you save an ebook in a certain Dropbox folder, send it straight to your Kindle. Check out Project Gutenberg for loads of free ebooks. And check out the recipe here.

23. Keep up with Movie releases. Be notified when new Blockbusters come out by syncing this RSS feed to your calendar. Never miss another good movie. Check it out here.

24. Add blog feeds straight to Buffer to manage my tweets. Buffer is great for making sure your Twitter fans don’t get a million tweets at the same time. Use it to better schedule your Tweets and auto feed your favorite RSS feeds into your Twitter stream as well.

25. Get a text when important people email me. If an email is sent to me from someone important (my boss or one of my team members), then this recipe sends me a text.

26. Store my receipts to Evernote. Keep track of all your receipts by syncing photos and email receipts to Evernote. Check these out here and here.

27. Record voice memos that transcribe and email to yourself. Leave IFTTT a voicemail that will transcribe and email yourself. Great for taking memos on the go.

28. Foursquare to Evernote. Keep track of all of your check-ins by syncing venue names to Evernote. This is another great way to document a vacation.

29. RSS to Kindle. Sync your favorite blog directly with your Kindle with this recipe.

30. Add appointments to your calendar through text. Text IFTTT to add an appointment to your calendar. This is great for scheduling on the fly.

Further reading on IFTTT:

Also check out my buddy’s start-up Zapier, which is more of an IFTTT for businesses.


Do you have any great recipes I’m missing? Let me know in the comments below.

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    Hey Rob, how does the IFTTT “lost my phone” work? I emailed: Subject: #lostphone. Email Message: #lostphone.

    It didnt work for me. Can you tell me how you did it please?
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